Inttradia Inc. is the trade technology company making your international trade journey simpler, more time-efficient and cost- effective than ever before.


What We Do

  1. International Trade Strategy 
  2. International Trade Implementation
  3. International Business Development & Sales

How do we help you transform your business internationally?

Our unique business methodology, the Instant Trade Program unlocks your potential and helps you realize international business success.

We operate as your partners and stand by you from discovery, through preparation to implementation. We provide a valuable set of resources which are customized to your specific needs and organization.

The Inttradia Inc. community provides access to leading international experts and industry executive networks. The collective knowledge keep you updated about the changing global landscape and further supports your international growth.

Our Guiding Principles


Love what you do and have fun doing it. We have been in your shoes. Our customized solutions are created with the client at the heart.


Move fast. We do not miss an opportunity, and pursue it relentlessly until we achieve our objective and have measurable results.


Keep it to the point. We remove complexity so everyone can understand and focus on their tasks.


If you do not know where are you going you will never get there. We provide a clear road map from the beginning to the end of your journey.


Business is a team sport. International business even more so. We operate as your partners and stand by you.


Jack all of trades, master of none. Specializations and focus are critical. We trust experts with proven track records built over many years.


Who’s Who? We know who to call and we know our call will be answered. We make it happen.


Do not beat around the bush. We talk directly to the decision makers, and follow up until we accomplish our mission.

1 Stop Shop

Having all you need at your fingertips makes a huge difference. We have created a single marketplace for all your international needs.


We are technology fanatics. We use it to make all our lives and work easier and more fun.

Know How

Talk is cheap. We are not observers or teachers. We are business people who have been there, we have been doing it for over 20 years.


Not just a buzz word. We listen and observe. We see and make improvement in everything we do. We make “Creativity is action” our motto.

Who We Are

At Inttradia, we have decades of collective experience in international trade. We love business and technology. We are highly connected throughout the industries, especially aerospace and tech, and we have worked with, renowned brands across North America, Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and across the globe. From multinational corporations, to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), we have helped clients to succeed internationally.

We are a client centric and project based organization, which means we build our teams to reflect each client’s business, priorities and expectations. We are where are our clients, do not carry overheads and do not pass on unnecessary costs. We value diversity in the team members we choose, because we believe that having a wide range of perspectives helps us produce the best quality work for you.

Our founder, Reneta Johnson, an expert in global commerce development, founded the trade technology company Inttradia Inc. to support organizations embarking on an international trade journey. Using her own unique business methodology, Instant Trade Program™, an industry leading executive network and personal experience, she unlocks business potential by helping clients to create and implement strategic vision to more cost-effectively and time-efficiently realize international business success.  


Go Global in 365 Days
Think, Prepare, and Become an International Entrepreneur 

Are you interested in selling your products or services internationally but don’t know where to start? Do you want to grow outside of your home market but the first step looks scary? Are you ready to Go Global but find yourself lost in the international trade journey? 

International trade should be exciting and rewarding but often it’s confusing and daunting. That’s why having the right system makes all the difference, and that’s why we’ve written this book for you! 

Using Go Global in 365 Days, you can increase sales and grow your business faster. Transitioning from strategy to implementation is simple when you remove complexity. Clarity is achieved by having a straightforward plan from beginning to end, being prepared, and making progress everyday.

Go Global in 365 Days will teach you to see international trade as an entrepreneurial journey and team sport. We’ll look at: the value of learning from businesses that are successful in intercontinental transactions; how to find and work with experts by using match-making techniques; making the most of meetings with key decision makers; being efficient with your time and resources; and using the Instant Trade Program™, a unique business methodology, in conjunction with technology, to unlock your potential and realize international business success. 

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Wherever you are at in your international trade journey, Inttradia Inc. can help. Our international experts in strategy, business development, sales, marketing, finance, insurance, government relations, legal, logistics, engineering, operations, customer service, product and service support, image, business travel, cultural awareness, image  and etiquette and all Inttradia Inc. community are here for you right now.



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